• Steel storage shelves

    Steel storage shelves designed as strong arms, hosting one or two counters depends storage needs and the most effective solutions to support long steel.

    Steel storage shelves

    Steel storage shelves flexible design, absolute quality, with the ability to load heavy cargo, cargo arm flexible joints outdoors in large buildings, warehouses


    Steel storage shelves


    • Arrange a vertical row.

    • Able to design one or cả side arms

    • The length of arrangement under the

    • Structural characteristics produce supporting leg firmly to the shelves

    • Frame designed shelves double or multi-category.

    • support arms made from high-quality steel design on request separate use.

    • Unloading goods quickly
    • Eliminate the difficulties along from top to bottom as not caught by the front bar,
    • The length of the shelf is the cargo space.
    • Store a variety of goods length.
    • Load 1000- 2000kg / floor.
    • Is the anti-rust powder coating, corrosion.


    Steel storage shelves

    Steel storage shelves flexible storage solutions for all industrial goods warehouse, designed from steel JIS - Japan, proper storage in warehouses or outdoors.

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